The focus of the work of the DRV currently lies in the implementation of the EU Birds Directive (improvement of the cross-linkage between international and regional level, upcoming report of the EU member states, suitable monitoring of conservation areas and network of supervisors, hunting of bird species with unfavorable conservation status), the national Biodiversity Strategy, as well as making the changes of the landscape that go along with the energy policy a subject of discussion. The situation in agriculture - renewable raw materials, energy crops, EU agriculture policy - has several times been in focus and because of the changing living conditions of bird species of the cultural landscape, the DRV will keep spending time on that topic within the next years. Furthermore, the topic of wind energy has taken a large proportion of the discussion, due to its very dynamic development. Another important topic that is currently debated, is which strategy of bird conservation is necessary in order to stop the decrease of the number of species.

 To engage and intensify the dialogue between NGOs and nature conservation authorities is the target of the DRV. The magazine published by the DRV "Berichte zum Vogelschutz" (Reports on Bird Conservation) enjoys excellent professional recognition and shall be strengthened as its flagship. The DRV is delighted that with the resolution of the meeting of members on the 26th October 2013 in Frankfurt, the Ornithological Society of North Rhine-Westphalia (NWO) will join the DRV as 18th member organization on the 1st of January 2014. Furthermore, it was decided to support a project on the protection of the Black Grouse in the high Alps of the Allgäu.  

New board in the Deutscher Rat für Vogelschutz (German Bird Conservation Council)

The board of the DRV (left to right): Ubbo Mammen, Volker Salewski, Helmut Brücher, Lars Lachmann, Andreas von Lindeiner, Ulrich Mäck, Johannes Schwarz, Martin Flade, Torsten Langgemach.