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volume 57
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published 2020
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volume 56
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published 2019
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volume 55
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published August 2019
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The Berichte zum Vogelschutz (Reports on Bird Conservation) appear once a year and are published by the Deutscher Rat für Vogelschutz (DRV) e. V. and the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) e. V. The articles published deal with up-to-date questions of nature and bird conservation. Furthermore, you will find conference reports, news from the associations, matters of jurisdiction, position papers and resolutions as well as short news and book reviews.

The Red List of the Birds of Germany which is revised every five years is also published in the Berichte zum Vogelschutz. The recent Red List has been published in volume 52 of the Berichte zum Vogelschutz.

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